Are you a new authentic leader or … just a place keeper?

Posted on November 20, 2016
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Are you a new authentic leader or … just a place keeper?

Not only has Donald Trump upset the traditional and elitist power-base – his election as President of one of the most powerful countries on the globe, also introduces a whole new kind of leader and leadership style. A new era has been born.

The time for New Leadership DNA has arrived – at last!

The challenge is to embrace the new by getting to know authentic power, authority, epigenetics, gene migration, clock genes, Power Intelligence, navigation and many other fascinating new and powerful

leadership tools and skills never used in leadership training and development before. The concept of New Leadership DNA is a global first! I have been waiting for this timely trigger to arrive for more than five years. Various books were published in the meantime.

During this time, most leaders, leadership schools, leadership-training companies, specialists, consultants and academics have been ignorant of or ignored this body of new information or have actively and/or passively tried to keep this new information out of the system in order to secure their positions and bread and butter. Fortunately, this is now over! This traditional, elitist, outworn power-base is about to crumble.

Donald Trump triggered more than a wake-up call. This is a quantum leap – a whole new power-shift. Even Mother Nature echoed this power-shift with earth-quakes, tsunamis, floods and a beautiful Super-moon to celebrate the occasion. As Trump starts challenging and discarding old mindsets, laws, people, positions and systems – we too can start discarding old and worn-out ideas, mindsets, philosophies, leadership paradigms and the people who advocated these ideas.

It’s become evident that current leaders, politicians, CEO’s and people in ‘power positions’ could, can and do fall from grace – even in an instant. The reason is – many of our new leaders have been waiting in silence and obscurity for the right moment to emerge. We can expect that from now on new people will take in their authentic places while  those in these positions will begin to realize that they were just place keepers.


People will now need to ask – Am I a new authentic leader or … am I just a place keeper? If you are not sure and would like to find out where you stand, please follow on New leadership DNA Facebook; subscribe to New Leadership DNA newsletters and blog or watch on social media for more post.

The good news is – With the right, knowledge and skills, you can change from being just a ‘place keeper’ into becoming the leader we’ve been waiting for. Please contact me personally if you would like to join me and my team on this journey. For more info see:

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