Authentic Leadership and Self Coaching – Your challenge for the future

Posted on December 13, 2016
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Authentic Leadership and Self Coaching – Your challenge for the future

Analysts closely watching Donald Trump’s every tweet, report that only time will tell if Donald Trump’s controversial approach, that includes tweeting his opinion and intentions, comes from a conscious awareness with a seriously planned and executed strategy or – if Trump’s ego is rampant and America is heading for a disaster.

the-new-leadershipAt the same time, Donald Trump is also inadvertently challenging the old traditional mindsets where leaders and leadership are concerned.  The billion-dollar profession of Leadership Development now has some serious rethinking to do. The reason is that nature has a natural tendency to select leaders who are right for the time – it is encoded into our DNA. A New Leadership DNA is emerging as we speak.

The good news is, while all this is going on – a new group of authentic leaders is already emerging. They know that leadership is the responsibility of everybody as everyone has a role to play. They are also highly conscious and aware that there are primarily one of two possibilities of leadership platforms available.

On the one hand, we find ego driven leadership with their power, positions and possessions as platform while on the other hand – we find authentic leadership coming from a deeper authentic universal value system. The one leads to conflict, division and self-destruction – the other leads to co-operation and progress.

shadow-self-imageEveryone is now posed with the questions: Where do I stand? Where am I coming from? Only one of two options are possible – or your platform is driven a shadow ego-self – or your platform is driven by an authentic self who has the ability to find new answers to the challenges of our time. The time has come that the authentic self identifies and coaches the destructive shadow ego-driven self. Being diligent in our personal self-coaching is now one of our future challenges.

This demands a serious self-searching exercise. Self-coaching and mentoring has now become a necessity for all people, especially leaders. The book Power Tools for Power Leaders will be available from Jan 2017. Contact us to preorder your book now.

The aim of this book is to provide the new emerging generation of authentic leaders with cutting edge  self-coaching and mentoring skills and tools while we navigate the tricky territory of change together.

The question is: What can you do now?

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