Call for action. It’s time for Authentic Leaders to step forward.

Posted on April 12, 2017
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Protests don’t necessarily solve our problems – it only makes us aware of them. The real work is to get to the root cause of our dilemmas and replace this with something totally new. Our challenge is to replace the current mindset with honesty, truth, integrity, peace, compassion and authenticity. Our task is to change the hearts, mind, soul and spirit of the people and lay a whole new foundation.

This is a call to actionWill our Authentic Leaders please stand up!

Removing dysfunctional leaders

Removing President Jacob Zuma, or any other dysfunctional leader for that matter, doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. People think this will change everything – however, it could only alleviate the symptoms – that could pop up again – soon. Why? Our current contenders are not necessarily authentic leaders.

The don’t necessarily have New Leadership DNA.

Protests don’t necessarily solve problems 

Over the last few days the people of South Africa have taken to the streets in protest against the country’s leaders. Slogans like “Zuma is not my President” and a clear vote of ‘No Confidence’ is part of this positive and peaceful revolution…

We have a Real Me Revolution on hand

However, Protests don’t necessarily solve problems – it makes us aware of them. We now need to take positive action … if not … we could end in just doing more of the same …

Trial and error

We also cannot afford a ‘trial and error’ to sort leaders and leadership positions out. The downward spiral and implosion has already gone too far … It’s time to stop!

Now, there is a call to action.

Call to action

Will our real, authentic leaders please stand up and take in your place!”  

Yes – this is a call for you! You are our new authentic leader … it’s written in your DNA!

If you don’t know how…  then you need to attend the New Leadership DNA Master Class. 10 Steps to becoming Authentic Leaders

The call to action is a call for fundamental change in heart, mind soul and spirit! The rest will follow…

To achieve this we also need to get to the root of the real problem …

Solving the real problem

The challenge is to get to the root cause of current situations and solve the real problems that give rise to destructive behaviour. If we do not succeed in this then …  inevitably … we will slip back to the current level of mediocrity, corruption and despair.

This call for action is urgent!

Something new

It is time for something totally new …  a new mindset, a new value-system, whole new approach to people, life and leadership is now imperative. If we do not succeed in laying this new foundation, we then …  inevitably … we will keep on doing more of the same and keep on getting more of the same.

The circle of self-destruction and dissatisfaction will then just repeat itself…

It’s time to stop! This is a call to break the mold… to crack the ceiling and end the implosion… It’s time to turn things around!

It’s a call to take ownership and take in your new place as an Authentic Leader

It’s time

People don’t protest for nothing. They communicate their dissatisfaction and state their demands… Out of all this we now know that it’s time to lay a whole new foundation …  even re-write social DNA of current systems and structures.

We need new leaders with New Leadership DNA to stand up and we need Authentic Leaders to take in their place and make the fundamental difference – that others could find difficult to do. Why? We need to negotiate the Power Shift.

Authentic Leaders

You were born to be an Authentic Leader – it’s in your DNA.

The challenge is to get up and re-activate this power and potential

For this you need new skills and tools.

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Nelson Mandela, South Africa and raising the bar 

South Africa can … like in the days of Nelson Mandela, come together, set new standards by raising the bar. South Africa can once again become the “bench mark” others will use to set new standards for leaders and leadership.

New Leadership DNA Master Class

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The time has arrived!

People are calling for something new and the time is right …Thousands of comments and emails are streaming in to the New Leadership DNA website and the systems are clogging … So …

Call to action

Until we get systems up and running again … we call on you to …

How lucky we are to be able to join forces at this time

Stay connected and speak again soon

Warm regards

Brenda Hattingh

Josephine Doe

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