Invitation to New Leadership DNA Master Class. 10 steps to being an Authentic Leader

Posted on March 31, 2017
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You are all invited to join us for a ground-breaking, mind-blowing and exciting New Leadership DNA Masterclass experience …


Master Class New Leadership DNA webinar is a global first. Here  you will find out how to become an authentic leader and take in your place as a new mapmaker. This presentation promises to change the way you perceive yourself, life, quality living, the future, leaders and leadership. It is also time to revisit the content and quality of leadership training, development and coaching.


Ask yourself the following questions: Are you interested in what the future holds? Are your responsible for the welfare of others – and they for you? Are you involved and/or have influence in a relationship, family, a government, political party, business, community or Fortune 100 company – even a community? … then this Master Class/webinar is for you. Here you will learn how to maximize your influence to the benefit of all …

Aim of New Leadership DNA Master Class/webinar:

In this webinar, you will find out how to make this fundamental shift and find your purpose and personal place! This also includes outlining your purpose as an authentic leader while  learning about the role of DNA, New Leadership DNA and LeadershipGenetics©. In the process you will begin to create a positive buzz while influencing those around you.

Your choice:

Are you willing and able to make the move forward while developing a whole new mindset with new skills and tools, or … will you stay behind?

Outline of webinar –

See short introduction video here  

Topics includes:

Topic 1: What does the future hold?  Where did leadership originate? Why is the world in chaos? Why the diverse perspectives and confusion from leaders and about leadership?

Topic 2: What is authentic leadership? Who are authentic leaders? Why are some people in influential positions just place keepers? What role does DNA play in leadership training and development?

Topic 3: Understanding the real meaning of success, the role of DNA, epigenetics? DNA-activation, New Leadership DNA, New Success DNA, Power Intelligence and the emerging Real-me-revolution

Topic 4: Finding your purpose, finding your place, influencing the direction of change, 10 Steps to becoming an authentic leader.   


If you are a leader or interested in leadership in anyway – this NLD Master Class is a must.

This information is important for all current influencers – be it in business, politics, governments,  academics, social circles,  communities, education, religion, youth organizations – including individuals who really care …

As the community of authentic leaders grows from strength to strength – You are invited to join us and take hands while we all embark on this exciting adventure together …

Book here    

See you at the NLD Master Class!

Warm regards

Brenda Hattingh

Josephine Doe

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