Leadership, faith and religion. Where do you stand? Part 2

Posted on March 5, 2017
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Dr Brenda Hattingh. Feb 05 2017

With current global chaos with battles of words, perceptions, beliefs and religions – it has become important to identify where you stand.

From quick fixes to a sound foundation

Firstly – I would like to thank everyone for the hundreds of comments that include thank you notes, letters of motivations and inspiration. For diligent students and study groups out there – keep searching for the truth and stay connected. For our p and coming young leaders who are finding this work of nearly 15 years inspiring and motivating – thank you for your feedback. Stay connected – there is still much to come where New Leadership DNA Training and Development[i] is concerned. For seasoned leaders as CEO’s, business-leaders, politicians, religious, academic and community leaders – stay connected – there is still a lot of exciting news and information to come.

What I find fascinating is that in a rushed world where people are looking for ‘quick fixes’ – there are those of you who are willing to take the time to read through these posts. The truth is – at the same time you are laying a whole new foundation that could last you a life time. Without a secure foundation – you can’t get very far and you won’t last very long. Take the time to read through this all carefully – it has taken me the best of 15 years to do the research and write the books – especially for a time like this

The truth is – a whole new human gene-pool is emerging even a whole New Success DNA is emerging. You have the decision to move with the times – or – stay behind.

The question to answer in this post is: Leadership, faith and religion – where do you stand?

So far, we have covered the following

  • The truth and golden thread that runs through all fundamental religions is: Peace and compassion
  • Most people are religious or adhere to a religion/specific value system
  • People will follow leaders who have a specific value system/religion easier than others
  • Conflict arises when people ignore the truth, create their own truths and add their own perceptions, interpretations, opinions, meaning, values, assumptions and understanding.
  • Religious wars and battles have been fought for eons and many are still going on.
  • People are even prepared to live and die in the name of God/Allah and for their leaders
  • Formalized religions are changing – and leadership is now also changing
  • Something new is in the air – it is the dawning of a new era, with a new mindset, new vision, new values
  • A whole new future is opening to those who are prepared to let go of the past, their old mindset, and even hear-set of anger, resentment, pain or loss and open themselves to learn and experience something totally new.

This could and will be challenging where personal and collective belief systems and people’s faith are concerned. This means we need to know a bit more about leadership and levels of faith.

Truth and faith  

People have faith in what they believe to be true. Faith and truth are therefore mutually inclusive. Whatever we believe is truth, is our reality as ‘truth for me’. Within our personal idea of truth, we develop our personal faith and belief systems. Whatever you believe is true, is true for you.

Religion, faith and belief-systems

The question is: What is faith?

Faith is generally defined as ‘the confident belief in the truth, value or trustworthiness of a personal idea or a thing’. It is the ability to believe in the non-physical or ‘unseen’. This includes the assurance of, confidence in, and reliance on, what we believe is truth. This may include blind faith, personal faith or universal faith, but all still depend on where and from whom you get your information.

Levels of faith

Lawrence Kohlberg[ii] who was well known for his research on moral development, faith and belief, stated that all faiths, including traditional religion, go through the same developmental phases, although the content of the information may differ. He identified three prominent levels we all go through.

Each time we become aware of a higher truth, we need to let go of the lower order truths and perceptions.

  1. The first level Kohlberg identified is that of making choices on the grounds of reward or punishment. You avoid things you will be punished for, and work for things you will be rewarded for. This reflects the ‘good boy/girl’ value system. Laws and rules are right or wrong, good or bad. Information is obtained from significant others, people in higher positions, or leaders. These people and their truths usually go without questioning – for fear of reproach. Here we find external control. This is presented by blind faith at the level of ‘monkey see -monkey do’.
  2. The second level emerges when we start to think for ourselves. We take back our power from ‘significant others’ or people we previously viewed as knowledgeable or ‘learned’. We identify our own truth and put new information to the test. A personal consciousness awakens and new multidimensional sources are consulted. Here you start to find your own truth, while being open to new information. You are prepared to discard old information and outworn beliefs, if necessary.
  3. The third level represents an autonomic level of development. You grow in deeper knowing and understanding and seemingly opposing information can now be integrated into a meaningful whole. In the end, it all culminates as universal wisdom.  This is the highest form of development, and different points of view are valued, respected and integrated, without judgment. Here we find internal control, self-mastery, and an encompassing point of view that includes universal laws and guidance. Man-made laws and views are measured up against universality and spiritual laws. This is the level of expanded awareness, of true knowing and understanding, and of wisdom. The level of blind faith is now being transformed into personal and universal knowing and understanding.

From here we can now consciously access the universal web and Universal mind of universal wisdom. This is also the level people call God or Allah or Source or Universe or Creator or any name you would like to give to your deity. Here we begin to find the leaders with ‘wisdom’.

Iconic leaders with wisdom who made a deep imprint on the fabric of life and also human consciousness include people like Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Tolstoy, Martin Luther King and others.[iii]


The word ‘widsom’ comes from ‘wise’ meaning able to make sensible decisions and judgments on the basis of personal knowledge, experience and understanding. ‘Dominion’ refers to ruling power, authority, control or area of influence. When we grow develop and evolve, we also reconnect to this level of faith, truth, knowing and understanding. We also become conscious that we have the authority to take control and rule our physical world – with wisdom! We become aware that we need to take back our authentic self and our universal purpose and also take back our power and our authority. We need to consciously develop our Power Intelligence.

Leadership, psychological and soul maturity

At the same time, the growth in faith also depends on the maturing of our soul or psyche, personality, neuro-functioning and our ability to process new information. The quality of the information and the presenters we are subject to, will enhance or inhibit our growth. With truth, the correct information, inspiring presentations and leaders, the tribal mind and blind faith persons can progress to individual mind and personal faith.

Once we have arrived at this level and can think for ourselves, we can access the universal mind and universal knowing and understanding. We are, however, also becoming aware of the miracle mind and frontal-lobe functioning, and the role it plays in manifesting miracles in our holographic physical universe. In order to get to this level, we have to undertake the spiritual journey called enlightenment, ascension or – the path of life.

Holding the faith

In order to summarise the dynamics of faith, we can say: Faith is the conscious ability to hold the truth, the vision, to hold the energy – to hold the faith in what or whom you believe to be trustworthy. Our faith gets tested by placing us in difficult circumstances. The longer we hold the faith or vision in the unseen dimension of the quantum and universal realities, the stronger the imprint is made on the universal mind or ‘heart of God’.

When we ‘hold the faith’, it becomes manifest and lowered out of the fifth and fourth dimensional substance into third-dimensional physical reality. We create miracles through faith. Faith is the only method of co-creating with source – with God. Faith means holding the energy of truth up high – with passion, conviction and commitment.

DNA and faith

Dean Hamer’s contribution in terms of identifying our ‘God gene’ or ‘faith gene’, as gene VMAT2 has brought a new awareness that we have faith hardwired into our DNA.[iv]. Initially surrounded by controversy it has now become accepted that certain psychological traits and characteristics are hardwired into our genes.

This means we have the beginning of change and of miracles hardwired into gene VMAT2 in our DNA. We were created to change the world and make it better – we were created to become ‘miracle makers’. This is enough to make anyone smile!

Taking back you power

However – people became disconnected and settled for chaos, conflicts, fighting, fear and terrorism. Many generations have been adversely influenced. The ‘sins of the fathers have been passed on to the children’ … until now.

People are now standing up and taking back their power as a new intelligence – Power Intelligence emerges, People are now taking hands and committing to creating a better life for themselves and generations to come,

Getting re-connected

All we need to do is to get reconnected to the universal heart and mind. It is here that we will find the authentic self, wisdom and faith. To many a person this means they will first need to disconnect from old outworn opinions and interpretations from previous social, cultural and/or religious programs and incorrect information learned or taught. We need to wake up, get reconnected and take back our power. Only then can we transcend blind faith and access the universal mind and wisdom.

When we place our faith and trust in this dimension, we find that miracles occur as a natural way of life.

The disconnection of current leaders

Unfortunately many, if not most of our current leaders have lost or have become detached from this universal connection. Their DNA resonates at a different frequency than that of peace and compassion. They then find violence, conflict, and creating pain and confusion comfortable and more acceptable than searching for the truth and the path of quality living. This is about to change as a new human potential, a new human gene-pool is emerging and we need new leaders with a New Leadership DNA[v] to step forward


The way to create change – even miracle, is to locate the place where we are connected to the miracle frequency and access the potential at our disposal. We now move beyond traditional blind faith towards a deep level of spiritual knowing and understanding. We enter this sacred space where miracles are created and align ourselves with this creative force that is within. We are becoming aware of the truth that we have the ability and power to create our heart’s desires.

The path to manifesting your heart’s desire is the path of enlightenment – the true path of success. This path means becoming conscious of who you are, where you are connected, what power you have at your disposal, whilst developing the ability to constantly create miracles. This is the path of the alchemist378 – co-creating with source by turning lower-order human traits into higher-order spirituality.

Authentic success means ‘miraculous’ living. Leaders with a New Leadership DNA will from now on begin to step forward and show a new path out of current chaos and conflict leaders from the past have left as legacy.

Everyone is invited to become part of the miracle of first changing your-self by first changing your thinking, believing and feeling.

Together we can then move forward and change the world … With faith – nothing is impossible!

In the next post we will focus a bit more on this issue as Part 2

Untill then – stay connected

Warm regards

Brenda Hattingh     

Brenda Hattingh

An international leadership coach, inspirational speaker and author with a passion for progress, success and quality living while addressing the challenges of the future.

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