New Leadership DNA. 10 Things you need to know about the role of DNA in leadership selection and development

Posted on January 11, 2017
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A new quality of authentic leader with a New Leadership DNA[1],  is emerging amidst all the confusion and chaos caused by fundamental changes. The surprising appointment of new leaders like president-elect Donald Trump, signifies that these changes are rea. We need to sit up and take notice. Neglecting these issues means you will stay behind …

This brings us to the question: What are the major forces governing and directing all these processes? One of the fundamental answers lies in the organizing power of our genetic potential – our DNA.


I’ve spent the last ten years of my life researching future challenges, the role of DNA, authentic leadership, the truth about success and a New Success DNA[2], power and a new intelligence as Power Intelligence[3] including authentic authority. Up and till now this information was not part of mainstream leadership theories, training and/or development. Even Education in its entirety, as responsible for the development of human potential – has excluded this vital information. This is about to change and a shift is inevitable.

Over the next few posts I will be taking you through the role our, genes, chromosomes and DNA are playing in human progress and will play in the future. At the same time a natural selection is taking place where new authentic leaders with a New Leadership DNA is concerned while other remain in their positions as ‘place-keepers’.


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Here are some guidelines:

10 things you need to know about the role of DNA in leadership selection and training and development

  1. Our full power and potential are encoded as a DNA-blueprint[4]. This includes, physical, mental, emotional and universal power and potential. Here we find the blue-print of an authentic self. (See: New Success DNA).
  2. Chromosomes with genes, are information packages that can switch ‘on’ and ‘off’. This means that our potential can be switched ‘on’ and ‘off’. We are no longer subservient to our genetic and heredity potential as previously perceived. With the necessary skills and tools, we can rise above what we were issued with and activate who we really are.
  3. Much of this potential has been de-activated and our potential was downgraded – now viewed as ‘junk-DNA’[5]. We unconsciously settled to live lives on a lower level of awareness, even ignorance – while scientist and academics controlled the information flowing to the general public. Even leaders like you and I aren’t well-informed where this topic is concerned. However …
  4. Natural factors like ‘clock genes’ cause the DNA-material to click ‘on’ or ‘off’. An example is the hormones and sexual behavior in teenagers that is triggered by clock genes at a certain age. Later in life the same processes can and are reversed.
  5. However, we are finding that external factors can also trigger the activation and/or deactivation of genetic potential as we find is currently happening … Climate change, the genetic potential in our food is changing naturally but also through unnatural methods without us knowing or even being aware of these processes. The Human Genome Project[6] is proving us with groundbreaking information while the power of Genetic Psychology and Social Genetics is coming to the fore.
  6. Enabling our DNA and DNA-activation can and does take place. Some natural processes include natural DNA-healing, gene-jumping, gene-migration and many other wonderful processes. At the same time …
  7. We can consciously stimulate these processes by creating the right environment and circumstances. We can also provide our people with the right skills and tools to meet personal and collective demands of now and in the future. Leadership development and team building is now taking a whole new direction – a path previously not travelled. The whole concept of epigenetics[7] is now coming to the fore and will play a very powerful and positive role in the future. We will focus on epigenetics in a next blog post.
  8. The most powerful influence at the moment is the changing human consciousness and rising of human awareness levels. A whole new human genepool is emerging. Some individuals and groups, even countries will move forward – while others will stay behind
  9. By raising our awareness and consciousness we also develop the power to re-activate and reconnect all this potential. The aim is to put this new power and potential to good use. Even a whole new intelligence is emerging as Power Intelligence – the conscious ability to of managing these power processes while acquiring new skills and tools.
  10. The task of authentic leaders with a New Leadership DNA is to secure a safe transition into the future by making sure that they are equipped with all the latest and necessary personal and collective DNA-activation and personal coaching and mentoring skills and tools. At the same time, they will make sure that their people are well equipped as well. Even a whole New Success DNA is emerging. This is where our new leaders will lead the way.

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