New Leadership DNA. 5 Things you need to know about authority, power and leadership

Posted on November 29, 2016
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The world is waiting to see what Donald Trump will do with his power and authority as new President-elect of the United States of America. Silently this now places all leaders under scrutiny where the use and/or abuse of power and authority is concerned.

Here are 5 things everyone should know about leadership, power and authority.

  1. Authority refers to power, position and the ability to write/author a plan of action that will take us into a new future. It’s all about decision-making. (Ps: We all have this power and potential – its encoded into our DNA.)
  2. This ‘plan for the future’ is subconsciously based on the personal vision, values, maturity and even fears of the person in authority – the author – the leader. (Ps. We are all meant to be a leader – we are all a new author, pathfinder, map-maker and way-shower)
  3. The personality, inner dynamics, perceptions, intelligence, understanding, wisdom, emotional well-being, level of consciousness, values and fears of the person in authority, will act as a filter through which all information and advice will be filtered and will, in the end, influence the direction of the choices and – the path we take. (Ps. We can influence and change this direction when we stand up or speak out for what is in the best interest of all.)
  4. There are only one of two filters or points of view: A positive, connected, healthy, universal value driven point of view that benefits all people – versus – a fear driven, disconnected, ego point of view that is self-serving and self-destructive. (Ps. Inner and/or outer conflicts arise when we vacillate between these two opposites.)
  5. There is a decisive mark and distinction between ‘authentic leaders’ versus ‘place keepers’. Authentic leaders are mindful, conscious and highly aware of what they stand for and where they want to go. Place keepers are mostly unaware, ignorant, even mindless of what they stand for, and are uncertain of where they are going. (Ps. We all have free will and can consciously choose which path we will support.)

Your influence

cropped-THE-NEW-LEADERSHIP-DNA.-Site-Icon-GLOBE-10.-logo-1.jpgIf you are in an influential position of authority, now would be the time to take stock of your position and ask yourself the question: Am I an authentic leader adding value to the quality of living of all – or – am I just a ‘place keeper’ feeding and protecting my ego and bettering the lives of the selective few? Can I grow and develop into becoming more of an authentic leader? Can I grow and develop my company, organization, team, staff, community, family into all becoming authentic leaders?

Fortunately, the answer is – yes!

The reason is that this potential is encoded into our DNA. However – we first need to learn about a new future vision that benefits all people, multi-dimensional DNA, epi-genetics, clock-genes, gene-jumping even a New Success DNA. We can develop new skills and tools and even assist in the emerging of a whole new intelligence as, Power Intelligence. New Leadership DNA is currently developing as we speak.

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With everyone’s cooperation – the future is now looking much brighter!

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