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Posted on November 17, 2016
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I would like to invite and welcome you to the New Leadership DNA Blog/website
I hope we can share many fruitful ideas about a new quality of leader now emerging. These are the leaders the world now needs in order for us to move forward at an accelerated pace.
The question is: Are you the new leader we’ve been waiting for?
A little background …

I was ‘fortunate’ enough to fracture my neck in a car-accident in 2000. This took me out of my very busy practice and consulting business for a lengthy period of time – more than seven years to be exact. The fortunate part was that it gave the time to reconsider not only my life – but also what I was going to do with my career, that is – once I was healed and could walk again. Fortune smiled on me. I got a brain-wave … one of those exciting light-bulb moments! My task as leadership consultant became clear: “Re-invent yourself. Go back to basics. Look for truth and all those things we all have in common and bind us together. Start from the very beginning … and this time … think new, think out-of-the box and don’t be afraid of where you will end up and what/who you need to leave behind”. So … I set out on this journey of discovery… In essence an adventure!
Now… another seven years later – I can bring you the new exciting, cutting-edge information I’ve discovered on this journey so far. This includes a whole new perception of life, quality living, success, of power and of leadership and the fact that – all is  encoded into our DNA. I found that everything we want and need is already encoded into our chromosomes – the building blocks of DNA. We were created to be successful, happy, healthy and we were born to flourish and be prosperous. It is part of fundamental human potential – power-on-hold. A major question I asked was: “If this is all true … then why is the world in such a mess?” However, the most important question I asked was: “Where are the leaders that need to stand up and show the way out of the doldrums?”

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My aim is to share this new understanding founded on sound research, dedicated study, a vast academic background and universal information and principles with you. At the same time the aim is to impart all new skills and tools necessary to fast-forward our progress into a new future of quality living that benefits all people. However, the main aim is that everyone will learn that they have a leadership responsibility to fulfill – and that it is time to stand up and take in your place Leaving a legacy I was compelled to find answers to fundamental questions. This would be the legacy I would leave for my four sons, our daughters, grandchildren, friends, family, colleagues and all those still to join us on this new path. My task was clear – put all this information in books and introduce people to this new mindset through training, workshops, speaking opportunities at all and every opportunity that may arise.

A new career



I realized than that my new career path was opening up…  This was on a totally new level – even a whole new dimension and/or octave. It differed vastly from what I had learnt and also lectured in at universities, colleges and business schools. This was truly ‘out of this world thinking’. Various books emerged in order to gain clarity for myself from the information-overload and confusion. Nine books have been published up to date that include:
•    New Success DNA – What you should know and how to activate it
•    Power Intelligence – The intelligence of the future
•    New Leadership DNA – Developing enlightened leaders
What can you expect from the New Leadership DNA Blog? In this Blog, you can expect to gain access to all this new information also found in the book – “New Leadership DNA – developing enlightened leaders” as well as many other leadership books now to be published. You will also have access to the latest news, info on assessments, tutorials, the workshop schedule, streaming and/or presentations in your area. I will take you step for step through the process of discovering your authentic self and authentic leadership.
You will find how leadership training and development – one of the biggest, most powerful and financially viable businesses in the world – is based on erroneous assumptions and clouded perceptions. You will smile when you find out how mindlessly people take for granted that what they are taught is true and … you will


understand why the world is in such a mess. Your role in this process Most importantly and you will clearly see what your role in this process is. Your eyes will open to a new vision. You will hear the calling to take in your place as the new leader we’ve been waiting for. You will understand that your leadership position has got nothing to do with finances, position or possessions.  On the contrary – many of the people in current leadership-positions such as CEO’s, political, religious, financial, community and/or social leaders – are mere place keepers … Topics we will cover In this blog we will cover topics that include:

Authentic leadership versus place keepers; Power and authority; DNA and genetic potential; How to lead with Epigenetics; Ego versus value leadership; Understanding your calling and purpose as leader; When and where to emerge as a leader with New Leadership DNA; Understanding Power Intelligence – the intelligence of the future; Learning how to develop New Success DNA; How to develop New Leadership DNA in your company, organization, university, school, community … and many, many, more topics that will blow your mind …
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