The emerging Real-Me-Revolution and the impact on leadership training and development

Posted on March 25, 2017
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A new mindset

We cannot continue with doing more of the same as we will continue getting more of the same … and that we do not need. We need a whole new mindset with new skills and tools if we have any chance of moving forward individually and as a human race.

Even a whole genetic shift is taking place while a new quality of human being is emerging

Evolutionary vs revolutionary change

Change can take place over a long period of time. This is evolutionary change … or … it can be a swift transition into the next season of human existence. Evolutionary versus revolutionary change differ in the matter of time it takes for change to occur…

We need a swift transition

Most of us feel that the time has come for a swift transition into a whole new dimension of personal and collective functioning and quality living. It is actually already overdue and now calls for revolutionary change… even a miracle.

We have a positive revolution on our hands – the Real-Me-Revolution.

The negative revolution

The word ‘revolution’ in essence has two points of departure and therefore two meanings. On the one hand, we have ‘revolution’ referring to a negative destructive point of view coming from angry people creating violent outbursts that includes destructive behavior, rebellion, upheaval, revolt, riots, terrorism and corruption….

This kind of revolution has negative consequences for all involved – and it is self-destructive.

However, there is another meaning to the word ‘revolution’.

The positive revolution

The positive revolution refers to transformation, alteration, change, development, progress, innovation and modernization.  It also refers to a turn of events, change and rotation as the completion of one season or cycle and the beginning of the something new.

It is the dawning of something big!

A new season

A new season and a new cycle are emerging. This is bringing with it a whole new mind-set, a whole new awareness and a whole new approach to life, living and to self.

We are becoming liberated while leaving the shadows and that fearful, mindless, even destructive part of self, as shadow-dweller, behind.

We are waking up. We are becoming self-aware.


There is the emerging of a new consciousness, a new mindfulness and awareness that includes the discovery of a whole new part of our selves. We can expect to spend the next season of our lives unlearning all our old paradigms, programs and indoctrination about who we are, what our purpose is and what it takes to be at peace, happy, successful, prosperous and affluent.

We are learning that this is all already encoded into our DNA.  A whole New Success DNA is emerging

Turning within

We can stop searching on the outside for what we want while we turn inward and meet the authentic self. The authentic self is that part of self that, up and now, lay hidden under all the false ego-pretenses, erroneous ideas, outworn values, disinformation, misinterpretations and even lies the world has subjected us to.

Irrespective of everything and everyone – the authentic self is still connected to the Creator of self and the Divine Universe.

It has all the answers to our questions, solutions to our problems while maintaining our compass, our inner GPS that will show us the way forward.


Unfortunately, we became disconnected from this part of self. The connections in our DNA became disabled and we ‘fell from grace’. Now it is time to return to our authentic state and reclaim our power and position as custodians of Mother Earth and her people.

This calls for a positive revolution – the Real Me Revolution (RMR)

The Real Me Revolution (RMR)

The positive Real Me Revolution (RMR) is a journey of self-discovery as we raise our awareness and redefine who we are, where we come from, where we are going and what our purpose is.

The RMR is here to stay!

An exciting journey

This journey promises to be exciting, adventurous, challenging, liberating even daunting all at once. It’s also going to be a lot of fun.

However, the shadow ego-self is a hard task master and will not easily let of its control – so be aware!

People are tired and weary of current information/disinformation

People are tired of the disinformation currently being distributed on the web. They are looking for something substantial and lasting. They are looking for deeper truths. People are weary of pretending and being insignificant and feeling lost, alone and powerless. Some are also fed-up with suffering and are beginning to realize that their leaders are not providing the solutions to current problems and … the suffering continues – even generation after generation.

They even find pretentious, arrogant, ignorant, mindless, aggressive, unhappy, ego-driven power players boring – even irritating. They are also concerned about our foreseeable future and the quality of life on our planet if we continue as it currently is.

The question is : When and where will this stop? The answer is easy – it stops now… with you!

People are awakening

People are awakening and emerging as if coming out of a long, dark tunnel. They are beginning to see the light and tunnel-vision is dissipating.

Deep down – in the hearts and minds of the awakening masses, we find a call for something totally new. These are also people who are committed to this ‘renewing’ process as a ‘positive revolution’. They are also prepared to invest time, effort, money and/or resources in order to fast forward this process. They are also deeply aware the change starts within self.

Outcome of the Real-me-Revolution     

The outcome of all these efforts is a new quality you, with a new outlook on life, the Universe, quality relationships and healthy living.  … while discovering a whole new level of power, success and prosperity that benefits all people.

The birth of a whole new season of human existence is here. You are invited to join us all on this journey of self-discovery.

Authentic Leaders

At the same time a new quality leader is emerging. These are people like you and I who come from all walks of life. From now on – leadership is for everyone and everyone has a role to play. These are people who are committed to use their influence in a positive way They are committed to authenticity. These are leaders with a New Leadership DNA.

Look out for the upcoming webinar New Leadership DNA: 10 Steps to becoming the authentic leader we’ve all been waiting for

The Real Me Revolution website

The new Real Me Revolution blog/website ( will also soon be launched.

I will be sharing with you the most important, understandings, skills and tools you will need on this journey. There are upcoming seminars, webinars, training courses. coaching, mentoring and development programs that will take you step for step through this process of authentic self-discovery.

So … keep up with these exciting, changing times and stay connected ….

Hope to speak again soon

With Warm regards

Brenda Hattingh     

Brenda Hattingh

An international leadership coach, inspirational speaker and author with a passion for progress, success and quality living while addressing the challenges of the future.

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