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Posted on February 14, 2017
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Dr Brenda Hattingh. Feb 14 2017.

It is evident that traditional leaders and their leadership approaches and development initiatives are not measuring up to the demands of a new emerging world – a world now in turmoil. People are asking for something new and it is time for a whole New leadership DNA to emerge.

The world is in turmoil and at the moment – we are but a shadow of what we can be.

My journey  

I have spent the last 10 years of my life researching the fundamentals of authentic leadership, innovation, success, prosperity, happiness and quality living and found it is all encoded into our DNA. In order to make this fundamental information accessible to, especially my four sons, who are young upcoming leaders in their own right, I decided to write this down for them. More than twelve books have since then been published. This would be my legacy I would leave to them. However – nothing is ever the way that that it seems and things don’t always work out as one plans – fortunately!

Over the last months, I became aware that life has become so demanding that even the four Hattingh-brothers, their wives and their friends, don’t have the time to read through this all. At the moment, we also have a lot of quick fixes available on the internet.

There are even people writing articles suggesting it’s OK to ‘steal information‘. Although many people understand the copy law and plagiarism – most people ‘do what is easy and not what is right’. Just by mentioning this ‘go-ahead’ – could further sow the wrong seeds, corrupt the system while diluting fundamental truths and relevant information.

The hope is that those of your reading this post will be able to rise above this information confusion.

Growing audience

At the same time, I found a growing audience reading through the New Leadership DNA Blogposts (www.newleadershipdna.com). With hundreds of comments with exited feedback, support and questions pouring in – I also came to realize that there are so many of your out there now looking for something new. So, the decision has been made – it’s time for the next step.

I will be making everything that I was keeping as a legacy for my four boys available to you – the new emerging New Leadership DNA Community – the new family and friends.

This includes the following:

  • Launching of the New Leadership DNA Community
  • New Leadership Training and Development programs
  • Internet coaching sessions
  • Self-coaching and mentoring programs
  • Community development programs
  • Upcoming webinars and seminars
  • New books, E-books, training videos
  • International workshops and training
  • Assessment: The Power Intelligence Leadership Profile (Available from April 2017)
  • Newsletter with special events just for the New leadership DNA Community members
  • And much, much, more …

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So, the question is: What is DNA-Healing and why is it now becoming part of leadership training and development?

DNA-Healing and the emerging New Leadership DNA

DNA-Healing has up and till now, not been part of traditional and/or academic leadership training initiatives. However, the process of DNA-healing has been part of leadership training and development since ancient times.[i]  The challenge now is to return to fundamental truths once again and visit our roots and fundamental truths – if we have any chance of overcoming the challenges that lie before us. If not – we will be flying around like helium balloons – without purpose and/or direction.

This is a season of fundamental truths and understanding where we are ‘coming from’ – before we can decide where we are going – and how to get there.

PS: Look out for the upcoming Workshop: New Leadership DNA and DNA-Healing – Opening the path forward. This is the first time a leadership workshop like this will be presented live in South Africa.  Mark this date in your calendar: 25-28 May 2017. Make sure that you are on our email address list in order to receive the information first.

The question still remains: Why DNA-Healing and leadership?

Here is a bit of back-ground concerning DNA-Healing and New Leadership DNA

The transformation of Homo sapiens

Humans, known as Homo sapiens are the only living species in the Genus Homo[ii] also meaning ‘conscious being’. Humans with their highly developed brain are capable of abstract reasoning, language, introspection, and problem solving. Other higher-level thought processes of humans, such as self-awareness, rationality, and ‘sapience’ or wisdom, are considered to be defining features of what constitutes a ‘person’. This highly conscious and fully functional, successful, happy, authentic person is encoded as a blue-print in our DNA. This fully conscious person has a high level of awareness and deep self-knowledge that also includes:

  • Authenticity: A wise person is conscious of and understands the authentic self and can distinguish between higher authentic and shadow ego-self.
  • Power: An authentic person understands personal and collective power and knows how to put it to good use to drive innovation and progress.
  • Sincerity: A wise person is sincere and direct with others.
  • Wisdom and understanding: Others ask wise people for advice.
  • Integrity: A wise person’s actions are consistent with his/her ethical beliefs.
  • Maturity: a wise person has a mature character and acts with insight and wisdom.
  • Leadership: A wise person is usually chosen for a leadership position by other knowledgeable or ‘wise’ people.

Unfortunately …

Disconnected from our power and DNA-potential

Over time – we became disconnected from this power and potential encoded into our DNA. Various factors like, stress, diet, climate change, erroneous information, lies, deceit, hereditary and especially rising levels of anxiety and fear, caused our DNA – that initially was in the form of a ladder – to twist, turn and spiral into the form we are familiar today. Our genes and chromosomes became disconnected.

Genes are like little micro-chips containing valuable information we currently need. Unfortunately we lost our connection and this power and potential was disabled. We lost our integrity and inherent truth,  wisdom and authenticity, while being misled by the ego-trappings others and even generations before us – presented to us as truth – the answer. … and so the ‘sins of the fathers /mothers are visited unto the children‘.

The abuse of power and potential has become evident in a world that has become fundamentally dysfunctional.

Power games and competition

We have lost our authenticity, sincerity, wisdom, knowledge and understanding, integrity, maturity and became dis-empowered – in essence powerless. We fell into competitions, frustration, aggression, conflict and fear. Many leaders are building on this legacy – even propagating fear and making people feel powerless. Many mindless youths are following this destructive path without thinking for themselves and without a vision of a brighter future. Unfortunately many lonely people roam the internet and find information to support all these misconceptions while falling prey to negativity and acts of violence.

The fact of the matter is: You cannot create what you do want – by resisting, fighting and struggling with what you don’t want. That is the struggle of the delusional self. You have to stop the destructive path – while mindfully and consciously turning it around. This is what New Leadership DNA training is all about.

Unfortunately- most of our leaders are also chosen from and for this disconnected, ego-powered delusional state. They then become one-eyed ‘kings’ and/or ‘queens’ leading the blind masses in the dark. We are now but a shadow of what we could be …

We are but a shadow of what we can be.

Leadership selection, training and development from this disconnected state of ego-power, has made the problem worse. People are driven forward by die shadow ego-self and under false pretenses. The same perception of this ‘ladder of success’ is being climbed over and over again while erroneous thinking, clouded perceptions, untrue assumptions persist and ineffective methods continue to flourish. Doing more of the same – will not bring about the necessary change.

Universities, colleges, leadership training schools, leadership consultants and agencies have based their life’s work on these erroneous assumptions. Everyone thought they were on the right track. Very few, if any, stopped to ask: Where are we coming from? what is our foundation? Is this the right ladder for personal and corporate success? Will my ego take me where a want and need to be?

… and so the world fell further into chaos, darkness and depression.

The time is right

Now it is time to stop – and turn this all around. The time is right, the people are right and a new generation of leaders is emerging. We can get reconnected, we can reclaim our lost and squandered power and potential. We can consciously, mindfully and creatively heal our DNA.

I am willing to share all I have developed over more than ten years and show you how to walk this new path by developing a new mindset with a new understanding and acquiring new power tools and skills. This is no quick fix – it’s the path of life!

There is light in the tunnel!

A bit of background

We all have our personal sound, light/colour, smell, and taste encoded into our DNA. Unfortunately, in the disconnected state the sound has a discord and has become noise. The light has faded and colours have become mere shades of grey. The taste of life has turned bitter as terrorist try to sow fear and the smell turned to the stench of the dead and the dying. In this situation, current leaders are making more disturbing noise while nuclear testing and disintegration of the climate continue.

It’s time for New Leadership DNA

DNA functions something like a bar-code we find on packages. This ‘bar-code’ contains personal information and organizing power. Like hotel cards we receive as keys to the room – the bar-code can also open doors and give us access to places we want to be and want to go.

Here we can find a whole new world. …

The path of getting there is a path includes the healing of our disconnected and fragmented DNA. This will give us the power, wisdom, integrity and compassion to rise above current situations while laying a whole new foundation for those to follow.

DNA-Healing as part of leadership training is here to stay – at last! It is our passport to success. As we raise our consciousness, we also elevate our soul and clarify our sound, smell and taste. We return our taste for life and quality living while freely expressing our authentic being – our authentic self. We need authentic leaders to show the way.

Remember our leadership workshop: New Leadership DNA and DNA-Healing – Opening the path while others follow.  Mark this date on your calendar: 25-28 May 2017. Make sure that you are on our email address list in order to receive the information first.

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[i] Hattingh, Brenda. (2012 c) New Leadership DNA. Developing enlightened leaders. Currency Communications: Johannesburg

[ii] Homo sapiens: Latin for “wise man” or “knowing man”

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