Invest in 67-Minutes of Service-to-self while celebrating Nelson Mandela Day July 18

Posted on July 5, 2017
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Learning to Think like Nelson Mandela. 10 Steps to live and lead like a ProSelf-Mastery program in celebration of Nelson Mandela Day on 18 July. Book your seat now

On Nelson Mandela Day we are called for 67 minutes of service – as we celebrate the life and leadership of an iconic leader on 18 July . This year you are called to include 67 minutes of service-to-self.

The call

You are hereby called to embark on a journey of self-mastery. This Master-class will last ten days – the legacy will last for life!

Every day you will receive one of the ten steps as we follow in the footsteps of Madiba – one of our global iconic leaders. At the same time you also follow in the steps of all other iconic leaders while making your own unique personal mark. Others will follow your lead …

The project: Learning to Think like Nelson Mandela. 10 Steps to live and lead like the pro’s will help you develop a whole new mindset with new skills and tools while learning to live and lead like the pro’s. 

Register here for your free self-mastery Mastery-class: Learning to think like Nelson Mandela  

Based on the book:  Seven steps to Securing the Madiba Magic in life and Leadership

Self Mastery: In this 10 day self-development and self-mastery course you will receive your

  • E-book: Learning to think like Nelson Mandela. A glimpse in the life of an iconic leader
  • E-book: Learning to think like Nelson Mandela Your personal manual
  • Your – Personal workbook
  • A daily Power Tool for Power People
  • You will become part of a distinguished group of emerging new authentic leaders…

For individuals: What do you need to do?

  • Step one: Register for the Learning to Think like Nelson Mandela – self development course here. We will send you a link where you can download your E-book, Your manual and workbook.
  • Step two: Download your manual and personal workbook and begin to prepare…
  • Step three: Read through the  E-book: Learning to think like Nelson Mandela. A glimpse in the life of an iconic leader and your introduction
  • Step four: The first step starts on 18 July – the Birthday of Nelson Mandela. You will be asked to committed 67 minutes over 10 days to your self. This is service to self while also serving others…
  • Step five: Set about one hour (67-minutes) per day aside to do some self-discovery
  • Step Six: We will work through every step over ten days – Plan for your 67 minuted per day for self reflection and personal mastery for 10 days …
  • Step seven: You will receive self-discovery work to complete for every step every day.
  • Step eight: You will receive a Daily Power Tool for Power People
  • Step nine: As your new mindset emerges – so you will begin to re-organise your life, your relationships, your work, finances and your vision of the future.
  • Step 10: You will want to make your unique mark. You will want to help others to make the shift. You can become a new teacher, mentor, coach, counselor and step up as a new authentic leader in the making…

At the end of this ten day course – you will find that you mindset and way of thinking will have already shifted and changed in a new direction. If you so choose … your whole life can change and you can begin to live like the pro’s …

Time: You can change over ten days by spending 67-minutes per day reflecting on each step … As you change your mind and lay a new foundation … so your life changes as well…

Register for the Learning to Think like Nelson Mandela : HERE

Cost: Free (This is my contribution to service, self-development and excellence)

2. Group course: This self-discovery program can also be implemented as a group course over ten weeks. You can cover each step in a discussion group per week.  Register here for your Guide for facilitators 

Please request your E-book: Guidelines for facilitators  if you would like to get a discussion group in your community, group and/or office together –  Here you will find a step for step guide on how to manage a discussion group.

What will this journey of personal self-discovery include: (Request full flyer here)

3. Companies and organisations:

For all staff members Book your in-house workshop now . Email:

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Brenda Hattingh

Register now to receive access to your free self-mastery program.  Learn to Think like Nelson Mandela. 10 Steps to live and lead like a pro

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