New Leadership DNA, religion and conscious awareness – Where do you stand? (Part 3)

Posted on March 8, 2017
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Dr Brenda Hattingh 08 March 2017

The world is calling for new leaders. These are people with a New Leadership DNA[1] that need to stand up, take in their rightful place and make their mark. As we all have the ability to make our own unique mark – we are all called to be leaders.

The quality of your contribution will depend on how conscious, informed, mindful and aware you are.

Leadership Development

Leaders, leadership and leadership development is going through fundamental change rendering current philosophies outdated and even obsolete. The reason is that the foundation and point of departure of most of these perspectives are founded on erroneous ideas and unconscious mindsets.

Authentic leadership training and development includes understanding the role DNA plays in this process. It also includes the process of developing a whole new intelligence as Power Intelligence[2] – even a whole perception to success and progress as a New Success DNA. [3]

Becoming the authentic leader the world is waiting for, is all about leaving old outworn, mindsets behind, unlearning of erroneous thinking while raising awareness, elevating consciousness and inspiring authenticity and mindful living.

A world in chaos

However – currently the world is in chaos. People, especially children, are experiencing a distorted picture of what mature adulthood, wisdom and a quality life should be like. Adults – especially leaders – are perceived as playing power-games founded on self-serving values and delinquent motives.

At the same time religion can be and is is called upon to validate, justify and/or rectify destructive, even violent, behavior.

Leadership, destructive behavior and violence

Destructive behavior, in all its forms, that includes fear-driven destructive actions, terrorism, corruption, destruction and obstruction – come from a disconnected and ‘fallen state’ of the human race.

There is even a shut-down in neuro-physiology and DNA has become disabled. At this level people in general, and leaders in particular –  subconsciously feel fearful and powerless. They then revert to a tribal or group mind awareness and also settle for lower order personal behavior.  Followers are motivated to do the same.

This is the result of mindless living… and most of our current formalized religions are part of this group consciousness.

Mindless followers

Mindless followers follow their leaders without taking cognizance of the fact that this kind of behavior is delusional – it’s not real! At this level people are not aware of the fact that that you cannot get what you want – like a quality life – by focusing on and investing time, energy and money in opposing what you don’t want. Resistance, violence, lies and deceit only bring more of the same …

The universal law is – whatever you focus on grows.

So … the mindlessness accompanied by passivity, violence, anger, chaos and resistance escalates. It is even passed on from one generation to other, as if it is law – even a law from God/Allah (or the name you have for your Deity).

The lie and illusion

This is all a mistake, a lie and illusion propagated by leaders who are not aware, not conscious and mindful of the Truth. They are driven by a delusional mindset and self-serving opinions and motives. This cannot bring about positive change because the underlying driving force is one of negativity, fear, ignorance and mindless living that has no sustaining power and no longevity.

We can therefore expect that traditional religion, as we currently perceive it, will disintegrate and fall away. Their leaders will be exposed as the ‘false prophets’ of the time…

The awakening

Now – there is an awakening. People are becoming aware, mindful and conscious. A New DNA is emerging. People are becoming aware that we do not live in the dark-ages of the past anymore and that they hey have a personal right to stand up and make their positive contribution.  They are open to new information and are prepared to find a new direction that brings peace, progress and prosperity that benefits all people …

There is a growing awareness. A new mindfulness is emerging and people are becoming conscious of a whole mindset – a whole new reality. People are becoming aware that a transformation is taking place – right down to a DNA level.

These are people like you and I …

Religion and consciousness

Unfortunately, traditional religions have been diluted and fundamental Truth has been negated and replaced by perceptions and assumptions. Religion has ‘fallen from grace’. Instead of liberation – most mainstream religions have caused their people to become mindless and afraid. It is from this fearful mindset we need to be liberated. Authentic leadership is all about freedom.

This is done by becoming conscious and mindful while searching for truth, honesty, integrity, peace, compassion and authentic progress. This is the path of authenticity, awakening and success. This is the journey of the soul.

A new generation of thinkers and leaders

A new generation of thinkers and leaders is emerging. They are the people who are now waking up from this nightmare dream. They are now finding guidance in mindful, conscious awareness and truth/Truth. They do not settle for lesser options. They are conscious and aware that you need to focus on what you really want and then – make it happen. They set the bar high and shy away from negativity, destruction, conflict and corruption. They know people who propagate this kind of value-system are going nowhere.

They know a positive future cannot be achieved through current methods of blaming, shaming, bickering, fighting, discrediting, violence and corruption. The approach is one of constructive building, creating, peace, compassion, understanding and wisdom. Blind faith is replaced by wisdom and enlightenment.

Our new leaders are mindful and aware of the fact that leadership is now every-one’s responsibility. They are prepared to make their personal unique mark while taking up their place on the platforms of life.

Is this you – where do you stand? ….

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Warm regards

Brenda Hattingh     

Brenda Hattingh

An international leadership coach, inspirational speaker and author with a passion for progress, success and quality living while addressing the challenges of the future.

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