Newsletter: What can you expect in 2020

Hi Everyone – The big question at the beginning of each new year is: What will this year bring? We can also ask: What will this decade bring?

What can you expect from 2020?
In this newsletter you find an outline of the shifts and changes we can expect to see in 2020, and years beyond. I’ve spent the most of the last ten years doing deep research looking for answers to the questions: Firstly; What can expect to emerge on a universal level in the next season of life and living? Secondly,: What can we expect to change on a personal, social, business, political and global levels and how must we prepare for these changes?

The reasons why I took all this time off to find answers, are: On the one hand, we need to be prepared and on the other hand, we all would rather ride the wave and not be left behind, or even be overwhelmed by change. This is the time to prepare. We need to be informed and equipped with the right tools and skills.
Topics we will touch on are:
* The Real-Me-Revolution: Learning to coach yourself  
* The power of our authentic real-me DNA-blueprint 
* The influence of solar storms on DNA and our functioning
* Authentic Leadership
* The significance of the impeachment of US President Donald Trump
* Curing corruption: Seven things you can do to cure the epidemic of our time
* Power Parenting
* Ageing and retirement 
* Relationships
* Organisational and team development
* Power Intelligence (PI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
* DNA- Climbing the new ladder of success
* Call-to-Action. CTA: Things you can do to empower yourself, stay up to date, and get involved.


Most importantly, I also include news, information and guidelines of what you can do to prepare and equip yourself, your family, team, organisation, company or community with all the necessary skills and tools to make 2020 your best year ever.

In addition, we also bring our contribution and services to the table to make this journey easier and more enjoyable! .

Every  decade brings a culture of its own and 2020 will be no different. The decade of 2020 will look far different to a decade like the 1920’s, 1970’s or 2000. Each decade is identified by its specific ‘markings’ like music, fashion, hairstyles, food, people and personas, cars, technology, breakthroughs, breakdowns, news, leadership and the quality mindset and values of the people of the time.

A breakthrough year
We can expect 2020 to be a breakthrough year. Consequently, we will be laying a new foundation, not only for the next decade, but also for a new kind of generation. Above all, this is preparation time. Another major transition is taking place in about 2032, and we are preparing.  In the meantime, it’s time to not only think outside the box, but above all, we need to get out of the box, leave the old behind and move to a next level.

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