Overwhelming response to New Leadership DNA & Authentic Leadership Master Class.

Posted on April 17, 2017
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An overwhelming response to our first New Leadership DNA Master Class. 10 Steps to becoming Authentic Leaders was received over the last few days. Not only was this Master Class fully booked – but thousands of comments, emails and replies caused the systems to crash!

So … if you didn’t succeed in securing your seat and attending this ground-breaking Master Class – stay connected. (For more info – see an introductory video here)

We have decided to present this once more… Why?

The world is ready

The work has been done. The time is right to make this mind-blowing information known. People are ready and the world is in need of a whole new mindset. It is the birth of a whole new paradigm – a whole new approach to self, quality living, leadership, authenticity and the emerging of a new vision and a new future that benefits all people. It also includes the role of DNA in this process.

The old is over – it is a new day!

You are once again invited to become part of this new vision and take in your place as an authentic leader.


Early in 2000 I became aware of the inadequacies of current leadership perspectives and paradigms. At that time I was a lecturer and quest lecturer at some of the leading universities. I saw what was going on and knew the answers lay outside these mindsets, perspectives and methodologies. The world too was in chaos…

Thinking outside the box

Trying to teach people to think ‘outside the box’ also wasn’t working. Most individuals, leaders, leadership consultants, theorists and academics are/were in themselves, still caught up in their own little ‘boxes’. I realized I needed to leave the old behind, personally get out of my own ‘box’ and then search for a whole new mindset.

Einstein said: “You cannot solve a problem within the mindset it was created – you first have to create a whole new mindset!” It is the only way to find answers to current dilemmas surrounding life, human potential, the future, leaders and leadership. This is however … easier said than done!

Leaving the safety of an old but familiar world, was very daunting. For me it has been a very long, difficult and ardeous journey…

The last ten years

For more than ten years I have been searching for answers and doing new research and development work. I found that we needed to return to the fundamentals and revisit our roosts. We need to search for truth/Truth and lay a new foundation.

Laying a new foundation

Laying a new foundation included questions like: What is life? What is quality living? What is the role of a leader? What is authentic leadership?  Does DNA play any role in these processes? Many other questions were also addressed in this process.

Various books were published that include the connection between life, quality living, authentic leaders, leadership and DNA.

The challenge

The challenge came at the end of 2016. Francois, one of my sons, directly challenged me to put this information on the internet.  He said it was time. Thanks Francois!

I decided to do an experiment…

The experiment

Over the Christmas and New Year Holidays 2016 I decided to create a blog and www.newleadershipdna.com website was born. At the time most people were on holiday and I needed to sort the whole technology thing out for myself. I even needed to create a logo – not an easy feat…

Later, with help from Hloni whose assistance and tweaking the website has brought the blog to where it stands now … and yes, I know there is still much to do…

The experiment also includes…

The experiment was also to include the following: I would publish a few posts on fundamental ideas about leadership, authentic leadership, New Leadership DNA, future perspectives and the role every person needs to play.  The aim was to see if there would be any reaction to this kind of mind-boggling information. Was the world ready for this?

The reaction shows an overwhelming – Yes! The tides have changed and mind and hearts have opened. It is really the dawning of a new day!

Free information

All this information was made available for free… and yes there was also no login or registration necessary. Why? People cannot revert to hacking if there is nothing to hack.

At the same time I wondered how many leadership professionals, academics, students, teachers, aspirant leaders, leadership consultants, coaches and mentors would make use of this ground breaking work. Would they be able to give credit where credit is due or would they try to negate the significance of these findings and body of work? The other questions were of course: Who would just ignore this emerging paradigm with a shrug? Who would hear these deeper truths because it speaks to their heart, mind soul and spirit?

The internet marketplace

In a world now moving to an internet market place where selling information is one of the main products on this market – the challenge would become to stay true to self and act with honesty and integrity where new information is concerned.

However – some bloggers suggest that people today don’t have the time to research all the new stuff… and could and should just use other peoples work to start up their own business and/or blogs and websites. Apps have been developed to source this information for you. Even the suggestions like: ‘Steal’ other people’s work – and make it your own … has become part of this industry. What a pity!

This is all because people think there is a quick fix for everything and hard work and perseverance is unnecessary. Unfortunately this has lead to superficial, watered-down information that is becong the foundation of mediocrity. I will be posting an article in the near future about this ‘instant gratification’ mentality and how it is supporting the escalation of  self-destruction.

Leadership Development as multi-million dollar business   

At the same time Leadership Training & Development is a multi-billion dollar business. However, the truth of the matter is – that after all this – the world is in chaos.

Because of the high levels of competition and vast amounts of money – an industry like this, could and does become a cut-throat business and not always open to change. However, some institutes are progressive, open and receptive while others are not.

Resistance to change

Leadership training and development institutes, schools, colleges or universities, would like to maintain their status quo, their students and a steady flow of revenue in order to minimize the zero-effect of a paradigm shift. This means many could prefer to keep out new information by negating the issue, denying it exists or actively resisting the influx of new ideas.

This is a natural human reaction as part of the resistance to change … (post to follow so watch this space)

The paradigm shift

The wonderful news however is that all over the world people with open hearts and minds are now coming together in search of a new and better path. These are our new pathfinders and mapmakers. These are people causing a paradigm shift…

However, a paradigm shift – also as a power shift – does upset the proverbial apple-cart.

So… I was curious to find out what would happen when this information hit the scene…


Since the New leadership DNA blog was released the first weeks in Jan. 2017, feedback and comments started rolling in. Over the last four weeks there has been a boom and I found it difficult to keep up with the thousands of comments and emails pouring in. Over the last week, with the launch of the New Leadership DNA Master Class – the systems came crashing down…

So … we need to revise the whole system… How exciting is that!

Thank you

Firstly – thank you to all for your gracious comments, feedback, motivation and support. I have tried to answer as many emails as possible – but the volume is just to much. I do however take the time to read through every comment although they cannot all be published.

Findings from comments and feedback 

The following findings come from comments, feedback and direct communications:

  • People are finding the New Leadership DNA information new, stimulating, fascinating and exciting. (PS. I agree … J )
  • Students from different colleges, schools and academic institutes are using this new NLD information to complete their homework, assignments and submission concerning leaders and leadership.
  • Most people are respecting the copyright (c) and trade marking (TM) on all my work by requesting written permission to share this on their websites and blogs. Most bloggers include a link back to the NLD-site. This I really appreciate.
  • Students are referring to this information in their dissertations and respecting and acknowledging the Intellectual Property. This is so wonderful. I will be posting an article soon concerning the illusion of the world concerning quick fixes, short cuts, information hacking, corruption and plagiarism. The lesson is to do the right things right … for herein lies freedom …
  • Lecturers and teachers have been commenting that they are aligning and/or upgrading their preparation/lectures based on several of the fundamental principles found on the New Leadership DNA blog and in the book, New Leadership DNA – Developing enlightened leaders. They acknowledge that they need to keep up with their students … (LOL)
  • Many are asking for coacing, mentoring and support for their thesis. I will be soon opening a coaching and mentoring program and train NLD-coaches and mentors
  • Many of those attending the NLD Master Class are from our younger generations. These are our students … our leaders of tomorrow.
  • Parents are sending emails of gratitude. They acknowledge the support that their child/children have received by being involved and busy on the New Leadership DNA Blog. Thank you to our parents. I appreciate this gesture.
  • Suggestions of opening a channel for donations and sponsors have been received and we are looking into this. This will enable me to appoint a team to develop a New Leadership DNA Training Academy and make it easier to produce more training material, books, videos, etc… We are also busy planning the New Leadership DNA Training Academy.
  • Individuals , CEO’S and leaders in various businesses have sent comments on how they use this information to stimulate office discussions around relevant topics and compare this to our old paradigm leadership perspectives. Thank you for your feedback (Ps: I will be posting a few new posts on the foundation and roots of leadership, why the world is in chaos and how to find our way out of this dilemma.)
  • Community leaders have requested permission to use some of this information as guidelines in their community and leadership development programs. They have now received written permission. However – a whole new community development program titled: “10 Steps to Securing the Madiba Magic in Life and leadership…” based on the book with the same title .. will soon be available
  • Overwhelming support and motivation to keep up the work and the New Leadership DNA blog have been received. Thanks so much … it’s really been hard work, time and financially consuming but also liberating. It is my honor and privileged to share this all with you all. Thank you for the thank you …

The tip of the iceberg

However, this is just the tip of the ice-berg. This is just the beginning – a testing of the water… so to speak. The next step is now to be released … and you are invited to join…

Over the next few days I will be sending a New Leadership DNA News Letter containing all the plans, programs and processes for the next level of New Leadership DNA – for the next three months.

Please stay connected and get the NLD News Letter first by enrolling here

Stay connected

Warm regards

Brenda Hattingh

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