Posted on February 28, 2018
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Jacob Zuma has given South Africa one of the greatest gifts. He has shown the people of South Africa, members of the ANC and leaders of the world – exactly what doesn’t work.  Because of this, we are now on the brink of finding out what will work in order to secure a positive future that benefits all people…

Raising awareness, is one of the greatest gifts, a leader can give to the people. Unfortunately, with Mr. Zuma, this came with price.

Mr Jacob Zuma has made the people and other leaders aware of what we don’t want and don’t need… A valuable lesson indeed! Over the years and as resistance to, rejection of and disillusionment with Jacob Zuma grew, it also made the people of South Africa aware of what they now really want and need …

Jacob Zuma has also shown us that the shadow ego-self is a hard task-master. This announces a new time for Authentic Leaders to stand up and take in their place. We also learn that in the end, ‘Honesty is the Best Policy’.

What a wake-up call for everyone.

Thank you, Mr Zuma!

The question is: Why is Honesty is the Best Policy?

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Emerging New Success DNA

Fortunately for us – science has revealed that we have all the power and potential to create a world of truth, honest, integrity, health, wealth, success and prosperity that benefits all people. This is all encoded as a personal and collective DNA-blueprint. We all have New Success DNA just waiting to emerge…

Unfortunately, we became disconnected from the DNA-blueprint and lost our power and potential while reverting to lower order methods of corruption and abuse. The solution is easy.

All we need to do is to get reconnected, take back our power and potential while creating a whole new outcome. We can learn to enable our DNA-blueprint once again.

In the process you can elevate your life. You even become an authentic leader. We can even develop New Leadership DNA.

The upcoming webinar Mine your DNA – Elevate your Life – Become an Authentic Leader covers all the necessary information and includes powerful skills and tools we all need in the process. The outcome will amaze you …

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